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Reach up to 1.3+ million
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Each month, Natural Awakenings reaches 1.3+ million consumers who are committed to living a naturally healthy, active, earth-friendly lifestyle. An unbeatable 80 percent of our readers purchase products or services because they see an ad in Natural Awakenings. Your market is our readers. Let us introduce you to them!

Enhance your brand's visibility with our comprehensive advertising solutions! Choose from over 45 print magazines, 75 dynamic websites, and our influential national digital magazine to tailor your campaign across the U.S. Our offerings are designed to align with your market strategies and sales goals, whether you advertise in one, several, or all available platforms. Plus, with KnoWEwell's global reach, you can extend your impact even further. Realize your marketing objectives efficiently within your budget and see your business grow!

With 30 years of leadership in publishing in the naturally healthy, green-living marketplace has made us the trusted source to educate, inform and shape the lives of our readers, their families, friends and communities. Contact us and let us go to work with you and for you!

Reach between 25,000-134,000
monthly readers in your target
local market

Natural Awakenings magazines offer the most targeted, cost-effective way to reach consumers looking for green, healthy and sustainable life choices. Loyal local readers pick up thousands of copies each month looking for the products and services offered by our advertisers.

If you are a local practitioner or business and only want to reach people in your immediate community, it’s easy to find a local magazine near you. See how your peers and competitors are making Natural Awakenings work for them and you’ll want to be here too.

For local advertising and editorial, contact your local magazine publisher in your area.

What Our Advertisers Are Saying
Debbey Wilson
Tampa, FL
“The passion that fueled my decision nearly a decade ago to publish Natural Awakenings here in the Tampa Bay area continues to grow and stir my creativity, energy and dedication to the field of natural healing. As a small business owner my access to all the business systems NAPC provides has been a key element in my continuing success.”
Our Readers
Our reader loyalty is unprecedented in the publishing industry!
Due to our well-researched and vetted global and national content, our readers consume our magazine from cover to cover.
Because of our local content, which includes event calendars and resource listings, our readers carry Natural Awakenings with them all month, referring to it again and again until the next issue hits the stands.
Magazine Readers
More than 80% of them make purchases from ads seen in our magazine
88% have been reading Natural Awakenings for at least 6 months
44% purchase from our advertisers between two and three times per month
51% share their monthly copy of our magazine with two or more additional readers
53% of the magazine readers community are female
69% are between 25 and 44 years of age
81% are college educated
49% purchase healthy or organic food
51% attend exercise or fitness events

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Our Distribution
Welcome to your opportunity to reach 1.3+ million readers
Welcome to your opportunity to reach 1.3+ million monthly print and digital readers interested in a naturally healthy, active, earth-friendly lifestyle.
  • Our FREE monthly print publications serve 45+ population centers and all 50 states digitaly.
  • 28,000+ distribution points located where our niche market lives, like yoga studios, wholehealth practitioners, integrative wellness centers and natural food markets such as Whole Foods and Sprouts
  • Strategically place your ads in 1, 2, 3 or all 45+ markets that we serve; you decide based on your target markets and advertising budget
  • A fully-integrated media platform including print and digital
We can help you customize a marketing program that fits your company’s needs as you grow and mature. We can group together the markets of your choice or offer a discounted package that encompasses all of our magazines from a single source.
If online advertising works best for you, we’ve got that too.
If you’re looking to reach consumers dedicated to living a naturally healthy, sustainable lifestyle, there’s no better way than Natural Awakenings magazine!
Contact a Local Publisher
Contact a Local Publisher
If you’re a green, healthy, sustainable or socially responsible organization, our readers want to meet you.
Contact us and let’s introduce you!
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$1.5 trillion
One in four adult Americans are part of this $1.5 trillion marketplace for goods and services in the categories of health and wellness, the environment and ecological living, social justice, personal development, spirituality, and socially responsible investing.
*Projected U.S. Eco-Marketplace for 2020, source: Natural Marketing Institute’s Global Sustainability Consumer Trends Database® (SCTD), 2016.
This marketplace is our readership!
Personal Health
Green Building
$116.7 BILLION
$416.9 BILLION
Alternative Transportation
$572.4 BILLION
Natural Lifestyles
Alternative Energy
$819.5 BILLION
Organic Cotton/ Natural Fiber & Textiles
$161.6 BILLION
Packaged Goods
$191.1 BILLION
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