Investment Overview
Investment and Outcomes
Embark on a journey of entrepreneurship with Natural Awakenings and own your very own magazine. With a modest initial investment, you're not just purchasing a business; you're investing in a vision of holistic and sustainable living. Our franchise model is designed to offer both tangible and intangible returns, from financial gains to the satisfaction of fostering a health-conscious community. Dive into the details below and discover how you can transform your investment into a thriving publication that resonates with readers and advertisers alike.
New Franchise Territory
The fee structure is bifurcated into a one-time start-up fee paid initially, followed by a recurring monthly franchise fee.
Franchise set up fee
You may choose to purchase a new, undeveloped franchise territory or purchase an existing magazine business from one of our selling publishers.
New Franchise Territory
(Financing options are available for as low as $15,000 down for qualified candidates.)
One-time payment
Ongoing monthly royalty fee
Explanatory text, for example: (There is an ongoing monthly fee when you purchase a franchise.)
First 6 months
monthly payment
monthly gross sales (whichever is greater)
After 6 months
monthly payment
monthly gross sales (whichever is greater)
Your Franchise Fee Includes:
Natural Awakenings’ magazines provide information and vital resources that inspire and empower people and their communities across the nation to live a healthy lifestyle and to support a healthy planet.
Content and calendar
Receive a monthly editorial calendar and a Publishers Option Package (POP) providing 20+ pages of diverse and journalistic content, briefs, articles, and promotional materials like imagery and graphics.
Layout and Production
Monthly Cover options with archives of historical cover layouts and graphics

Layout/production of your first issue, including layout, editing and proofreading by the Natural Awakenings production staff
Magazine Website
Your own Natural Awakenings website designed to bring local and national attention to your business, attract business owners, advertisers and produce additional potential revenue streams
Media kit
We provide custom Natural Awakenings media kits and rate sheets. These professional tools help highlight your magazine’s value, detailing audience, distribution, and advertising costs. Business services that aid in efficiently attracting potential advertisers and business owners.
Ongoing support
Get extensive operational, marketing, and sales support from our expert team, ensuring you are never alone in your franchise journey.
Access to publisher’s
intranet system
With franchise access to the publisher’s intranet, you’ll receive marketing tools, advertising samples, branded materials, and an extensive training library including recorded calls and webinars.
Multiple Revenue Streams through our parent co.
Add new, easy revenue streams without the effort of service delivery. Regular sales training webinars and ongoing training workshops will support you with sales tools and guidance, effective advertising tips, editorial and distribution support, and much more!
Modern digital magazine
Embrace the digital age with our modern magazine platform. Reach a broader audience online, expanding beyond traditional print boundaries. This not only amplifies your readership but also introduces a lucrative additional revenue stream, merging innovation with opportunity.
Production and Marketing Team
Benefit from a dedicated team specializing in production and marketing. Our experts ensure your magazine's content is top-notch while crafting strategies to effectively promote it. With this support, you can focus on growth, knowing the aesthetics and outreach are in capable hands. Plus offer the same marketing services to your customers and add new revenue streams without the hassle of implementation.
Own a magazine now
You may choose to purchase a new, undeveloped franchise territory or purchase an existing magazine business from one of our selling publishers.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I need any previous experience in the publishing business?
A. Absolutely not! We provide all of the training you need to operate your own Natural Awakenings business. The most important requirements you bring are a genuine desire and drive to own your own business. However, we do prefer franchisees that have previous sales experience.
Q. How many people will I need on my staff?
A. The Natural Awakenings franchise system was created to simplify and provide a turnkey process of creating the magazine. You will be trained. NA PC provides much of the shared service support and selection of trained preferred vendors to assist with various and creative processes—editorial, magazine layout, ad design, maeketing and social media. Also, depending on your desired volume of sales, you may choose to contract with one or more independent sales people.
Q. What additional equipment do I need to purchase or lease?
A. Most people already have everything necessary to manage a Natural Awakenings business—a basic computer system, an all-in-one printer and phone service. You will need to purchase a supply of standard magazine racks for placement at your distribution locations.
Q. How much retail space will I need?
A. None. The most attractive benefit of the Natural Awakening's franchise program is that you can operate from your own home! There are no major building improvements, renovations or leases required.
Q. Once I’ve signed the franchise agreement, how long will it take me to open my business?
A. It usually takes 90 to 120 days. During this period, you will attend a comprehensive training session, establish your business format, obtain your business license, open your business checking account and complete the other items on a “pre-opening checklist” that is provided to you.
Q: What areas are available for franchising?
A: We are always looking to expand into new markets that we do not yet have our magazine in, and occasionally we have some select existing markets available for resale. We typically franchise in areas that are populated with at least 500,000 people. To learn more about available markets, visit our Franchise Availability page.
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