Franchise Opportunities
You may choose to purchase a new, undeveloped franchise territory or purchase an existing magazine business from one of our selling publishers.
About Brand
What is the Natural
Awakenings magazine?
Natural Awakenings is North America's leader with over 45 publications connecting readers to a wealth of national and local resources mapping out alternate routes to a healthier, happier, longer life. Each magazine takes a practical look at the latest natural approaches to healing, nutrition, fitness, creative expression, personal growth and sustainable living. Awakening one community at a time... naturally.
Magazine Readers
Have been reading Natural Awakenings for more than two years
Purchase from our advertisers between one and three times per month
share their monthly copy of our magazine with two or more additional readers
are female
are between 35 and 54 years of age
have one or more college degrees
purchase healthy or organic food
attend spiritual or healing events
attend exercise or fitness events
$1.5 trillion
One in four adult Americans are part of this $1.5 trillion marketplace for goods and services in the categories of health and wellness, the environment and ecological living, social justice, personal development, spirituality, and socially responsible investing.
*Projected U.S. Eco-Marketplace for 2020, source: Natural Marketing Institute’s Global Sustainability Consumer Trends Database® (SCTD), 2016.
Why Choose Us
Our Franchise System
The Natural Awakenings franchise system starts with comprehensive training, ongoing support and sales tools and guidance. Our regular ongoing workshops address advertising sales and marketing, editorial, distribution, accounting and much more!
With 30 years of experience we are a pioneer in the industry. Align with a well-respected name in the magazine industry, renowned for quality content and loyal subscribers worldwide.
Get extensive operational, marketing, and sales support from our expert team, ensuring you are never alone in your franchise journey.
Your training begins immediately upon executing our franchise agreement. We begin with back office setup and remote training sessions. You will be scheduled to attend our next available publisher training school, in Naples, Florida, where you will learn every facet of operating your Natural Awakenings magazine business.
Add new, easy revenue streams without the effort of service delivery. Regular sales training webinars and ongoing training workshops will support you with sales tools and guidance, effective advertising tips, editorial and distribution support, and much more!
Benefit from a comprehensive suite of tools and resources tailored for magazine success. This includes customizable magazine layout designs, digital magazine integrations, website setup, and dedicated support for social media management and marketing. Ensure your publication thrives with our advanced and user-friendly solutions.
Steps to Owning a Magazine
Franchise Application Process
Fill in the Application Form
Discover Opportunities: Begin by filling out the Franchise Application Form. This is your first step towards joining the Natural Awakenings family. During this phase, you can check the availability of your desired location. Determine if it's open for a new establishment or if there's an existing franchise available for resale. This ensures you're entering a market with optimal potential.
Setup a Call to Discuss
Personalized Consultation: Once we receive your application, our dedicated staff will review it and reach out to you. We'll set up a call to delve deeper into the opportunities, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect and how to proceed. This conversation is a chance to address any queries and align our visions.
Sign a Contract
Seal the Partnership: After our discussions, if both parties are in agreement, you'll be presented with a contract. Review the terms, and once you're ready, sign the contract to formalize your partnership with Natural Awakenings. Along with the contract, you'll settle the necessary payments, ensuring a smooth transition to the next steps.
Start Training and Business Setup
Empowerment and Preparation: With the formalities out of the way, it's time to gear up for success. Natural Awakenings provides comprehensive training, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle every aspect of the magazine business. From back-office setup, sales strategies, to content curation, we'll guide you through it all. Our resources and tools are designed to streamline your setup process, ensuring you're market-ready in no time.
Publish Your First Edition
Making an Impact: With training completed and resources at your disposal, you're set to launch your very first edition of Natural Awakenings. This is your moment to shine, connecting your community to a world of holistic and sustainable living. As you publish, you'll be fostering a dedicated readership, offering valuable advertising opportunities to businesses, and making a positive impact in your locality.
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Each step is designed to ensure a seamless transition from an aspiring publisher to a successful magazine owner with Natural Awakenings.
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What franchisees say
Debbey Wilson
Tampa, FL
“The passion that fueled my decision nearly a decade ago to publish Natural Awakenings here in the Tampa Bay area continues to grow and stir my creativity, energy and dedication to the field of natural healing. As a small business owner my access to all the business systems NAPC provides has been a key element in my continuing success.”
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I need any previous experience in the publishing business?
A. Absolutely not! We provide all of the training you need to operate your own Natural Awakenings business. The most important requirements you bring are a genuine desire and drive to own your own business. However, we do prefer franchisees that have previous sales experience.
Q. How many people will I need on my staff?
A. The Natural Awakenings franchise system was created to simplify and provide a turnkey process of creating the magazine. You will be trained. NA PC provides much of the shared service support and selection of trained preferred vendors to assist with various and creative processes—editorial, magazine layout, ad design, maeketing and social media. Also, depending on your desired volume of sales, you may choose to contract with one or more independent sales people.
Q. What additional equipment do I need to purchase or lease?
A. Most people already have everything necessary to manage a Natural Awakenings business—a basic computer system, an all-in-one printer and phone service. You will need to purchase a supply of standard magazine racks for placement at your distribution locations.
Q. How much retail space will I need?
A. None. The most attractive benefit of the Natural Awakening's franchise program is that you can operate from your own home! There are no major building improvements, renovations or leases required.
Q. Once I’ve signed the franchise agreement, how long will it take me to open my business?
A. It usually takes 90 to 120 days. During this period, you will attend a comprehensive training session, establish your business format, obtain your business license, open your business checking account and complete the other items on a “pre-opening checklist” that is provided to you.
Q: What areas are available for franchising?
A: We are always looking to expand into new markets that we do not yet have our magazine in, and occasionally we have some select existing markets available for resale. We typically franchise in areas that are populated with at least 500,000 people. To learn more about available markets, visit our Franchise Availability page.