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Debbey Wilson
Tampa, FL
“The passion that fueled my decision nearly a decade ago to publish Natural Awakenings here in the Tampa Bay area continues to grow and stir my creativity, energy and dedication to the field of natural healing. As a small business owner my access to all the business systems NAPC provides has been a key element in my continuing success.”
Susan Q Wood
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“I purchased the first-ever Natural Awakenings franchise and published my premiere edition at the turn of the millennium. I chose to quit my job, sell my home and move to Fort Lauderdale, where I didn’t know a single person and where several integrative health magazines already existed… but with the help of headquarters, I was able to compete and build a successful business. In fact, two of the other magazines are now out of business. I feel so grateful to be able to help people and be part of the Natural Awakenings family of owners.”
Jerry & Tracy Neale
Oxford, MI
“Being a Natural Awakenings publisher in East Michigan for many years has given us the opportunity to learn about and share information that helps everyone live better lives. We most enjoy being able to meet and network with the readers, businesses and practitioners who have the same passions we have—healthy and sustainable living... naturally!”
Kris Urquhart & Laurie Davey
Melbourne, FL
“As Natural Awakenings publishers, we are honored to be part of such a generous and supportive family. Our publishing network provides help to one another on a daily basis. To have that kind of support while being blessed with the opportunity to connect the local community with healthy resources is truly inspiring!”
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